No matter which direction you want to go, maybe solar, energy storage or perhaps both, the first step would be to reduce your businesses energy consumption.  Imagine, a normal size warehouse with, lets say 40 lights, each light burning 400W. We are talking over 16000W here. That is a significant amount of electricity you are using.

Enter LED lights – or Light Emitting Diode as they are officially called. An LED lamp uses a third of the energy and give off a brighter light. In fact, LEDs are highly energy efficient, give off more light, give off less heat and , most importantly, are extremely cheap to run. LEDs come in several colours, soft and daylight being the most common ones. The daylight option is much less tiring than candescent lighting, office plants love the light too.

LEDS are  long lasting, maintenance free and we offer a ten year guarantee on all LED lighting. The outlay for LED lamps is well invested as the costs are quickly covered over the next couple of years. Changing over to LEDs must be the first step in a move towards a renewable energy run company. Bring your energy costs down, then plan your solar setup and finally think about energy storage to optimize the whole system.

Example of a Project costing for a Lighting Upgrade

  • ROI – 1,5 years
  • 74% saving on energy consumption
  • £71k over 10 years
  • Carbon saving 91 tonnes/year
  • Increase productivity
  • Safe – no mercury/harmful gasses or UV emissions

Looking at the photos above, the before and after effect is impressive. The warehouse aisle had 5 x 400W lamps before, we replaced them with 5 x 130W lamps. Less energy, more light and on top, the lighting has a positive effect on the employees as they work in a daylight environment rather than a dim light warehouse.

Take our case study from above, the warehouse had in total 28 lights, each using 400W or more. (The older the lighting, the more energy they use.) The lights were replaced with 15 130W LED lamps. Over the next 10 years these new lamps will save the company a projected £71K making the payback time just under one and half years.

LEDs are also much more environmentally friendly as they contain no mercury or other harmful gasses, and omit no harmful UV rays as in fluorescent tubes.

LEDs come in warm white, soft white and bright white, so can be fitted into any room, depending on the light requirement.

Have a chat with us, we can give you a run down of the energy savings and costs involved.

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