Site – Chicken Farm

Location – East Midlands

Technology – Solar

Output – 240kwp

Farming is a notoriously tricky business, and chicken farming particularly so. Keeping a consistent temperature in the chicken shed is key to the healthy development of the chicks. The introduction of heat pump technology has made the process better and more efficient from an operational perspective, but Ground Source Heat Pumps increase the electric load on an already heavy-use energy profile.

Working with the leading agricultural heat pump provider, BU Energy Solutions were tasked with building a solar design to offset the increased demand from the Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Using 320w monocrystalline panels and 40kw inverters BU Energy Solutions managed the entire process from DNO applications and design, through to install and commissioning. The final result being a 240kwp system comprising 750 panels, split across 2 chicken sheds, feeding 3 inverters per shed.

The system was approved by the DNO at the end of March 2020 and regularly produces upwards of 1MW per day. To date this has halved the monthly energy cost for the entire site, providing a projected investment payback period of under 5 years.