Energy storage systems come in many forms but the most common, and most practical, are battery systems. Technology is moving at an incredible pace, and this is particularly true with batteries. The development of lithium-ion is overtaking traditional lead-acid batteries providing a longer life and increased capacity.

These battery systems are now being built into commercial and domestic solar set-ups. Imagine you could collect and store the energy you produced. Or imagine if you had the ability to store cheap, off-peak energy from the grid, to use at peak periods. The savings would be substantial. ‘Peak-shaving,’ as it is known is fast becoming one of the most effective ways for business to save money through renewable energy.

BU Energy Solutions can work with you to plan, design and install your storage system. Whether that’s as a stand-alone means of storing cheap off-peak energy, as a retro-fit into your existing solar set up, or as a complete generation and storage solution.

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