The first step in a move towards renewable energy should be to assess your current energy consumption and look for the easiest ways to reduce it.

Lighting is often the first port of call when looking at reducing your energy consumption. Imagine an average sized warehouse, with lets say 40 lights, each burning 400w. That’s 16000w – a significant amount of electricity.

Enter LED lights – or Light Emitting Diode as they are officially called. LED’s are highly energy efficient using a third of the energy, giving a brighter light and less heat. Consequently they are much cheaper to run than traditional candescent lighting.

Office plants love it too! In fact, LED’s are much more environmentally friendly all-round as they contain no mercury or other harmful gasses, and omit no harmful rays as in fluorescent tubes.

LED’s are long lasting, maintenance free and we offer a 10 year guarantee on LED lighting installs. To give you an idea of the savings please see an example below:

28 x 400w lamps replaced with 15 x 130w LED lights

  1. ROI – 1.5 years
  2. 74% saving on energy consumption
  3. Saving of £71k over 10 years
  4. Carbon saving of 91 tonnes/year

Have a chat with us and we can give you a run down of the energy savings and costs involved for a lighting upgrade.

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