Cornwall is always associated with sun, beautiful beaches and Cornish pasties but also Poldark and Tin Mining.

As a mine that had been working over three hundred years, South Crofty was the oldest surviving tin mine in Europe at the time. As the site closed, 200 men were left unemployed, the surrounding economy suffered as a result, the suppliers, engineering companies feeling the crunch too.

20 years on, a Canadian company, Strongbow Exploration acquired a 100% stake from Western United Mines and Cornish Minerals, permissions and licences to mine were still available until 2071.

Strongbow believe that the South Crofty Mine represents one of the best tin opportunities available globally. The CEO of the company says his team are confident that tin will be mined again at the site by 2021.

If successful there will be many jobs created in the area and the once flourishing mine and area will bloom again.

BU Energy Solutions are pleased to be maintaining and servicing the critical power back-up system twice yearly. We wish the whole team the greatest success. We hope that very soon the mine will be producing the top quality tin it did back in the early 19th Century.