With evermore electric vehicles taking to the road,it makes sense that car charging points will also become more common.

If you have made the switch to an Electric Car the next logical step would be to think about a charging point at home. You would need your own drive or off road parking at the moment due to safety and  security.

More and more companies are offering charging points for their employees and customers for free, a great green advertisement for your company.

The next decision is how powerful does your charger need to be?

If your your vehicle is parked up all night, this gives sufficient time to charge overnight and have the vehicle full charged ready for your use in the morning, then a slow charger, up to 3kW would be sufficient to charge a vehicle over 6 -12 hours.

Should you require a quicker solution there are Rapid Chargers and Fast chargers, although these are usually used only on commercial setups.

Fast chargers can charge your vehicle in around three hours and pull anything between 7kW and 22 kW.

Rapid chargers are divided in two sections – AC and DC. Currently available Rapid AC chargers are rated at 43kW, with Rapid DC being typically 50kW. Both will charge an Electric vehicle to 80% in around 30 minutes. The Tesla Superchargers are an example of a Rapid AC Charger and pull 120kW charging your vehicle in under 30 minutes. This Rapid option would only be available to a company premise or similar as a domestic electricity setup would not cope with the flow.

It is a decision that needs to be well thought through carefully,  what do you require, what do you want to offer? Do you really need to charger the battery in 30 mins or is it sufficient to charge the car overnight on a much slower charger?

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