Site – Tyneham Village

Location – South Coast

Technology – Off-Grid Hybrid Solar/Wind/Battery Storage

Output – 4kwp / 9.65kwh

Tyneham is a historically significant ghost village on the South Coast. Residents were evacuated in 1943 to enable the MOD to use the area to train for the Normandy Landings. Whilst permanent residents were no longer permitted to return after the war, the MOD maintain the Church and the Village School as a museum to commemorate the contribution and sacrifice made by the villagers to the war effort.

Tyneham is remote, and is completely off-grid – even for phone signal! A gas generator had been providing power to both the Church and the School, which was inefficient and costly to maintain. BU Energy Solutions were approached to design a system using renewable energy as an alternative method to provide the required energy.

Given the sensitive nature of the site and its listed status, BU Energy had to ensure any potential design had a minimal impact on the building or the surrounding area.

With limited roof space for solar, our engineers produced a design comprising solar, wind, and battery storage – a true hybrid system. Producing 2.64kwp from solar and 400wp at 8m/ps from the wind turbine, both systems feed into a 9.5kwh AGM battery bank.

Installed through August 2020, the system provides enough energy to meet the power requirements for the Church and the School for 48hrs with no additional input.